This page is for those who believe in some supernatural forces, existing somewhere beyond, assisting people in fortune and in misfortune. If you believe in it, I can help you to understand, advice or maybe cure. If you don't believe, don't waste your time.

1.My past (read it please).

First of all let me introduce myself: I am Marius. You, of course, are disappointed in something, or desire something. Some years ago I familiarized with a girl; she was my kind of girl, I loved her, she made me crazy. However she did not love me (I was just a good friend of her).

I did my best: bought flowers, gifts, but to no avail.

I was so disappointed, and when seeming there was nothing else left, I met a parapsychotherapeutist by accident. We soon found common language, I saw many people visiting her with various disabilities or just to have telling fortunes. This job seemed so mysterious and incredible for me. Then, having spare time, I decided to learn something from her, guided by curiosity.

First of all she overloaded me with old books; explained unclear issues. I thought in a month I would be like her.

But there is much work to do even now, to reach her.

Reading the books and using them (alchemy, Kabala, gematrix, angel magic, runes), one day I decided to make a talisman ( amulet ) (a pendant with carved characters), for the girl I like fell in love with me.

And what do you think, in about a month she became my girl, but when we were together, my love to her disappeared, I thought that she is not for me.

Now I love other girl, am absolutely satisfied, found a good job, in short, I put in order my life which I am satisfied in.

So what I am planning to do now, when actually I am pleased with my life? Ha, I decided to help people in making talismans ( amulets ). You send to my e-mail your troubles and dreams, and I, when having time, draw some characters, (with the help or alchemy, Kabala, gematrix, white magic, enoch magic, runes, clairvoyance) which will help you reaching your particular desires and dreams; you just have to engrave my characters on an item you like - any item you are wearing with you (ring, pendant, bracelet or make the pendant yourself, better from natural material such as stone or wood). All the characters I already have created, helped the people; maybe by chance, it's not me who decides, let the hundreds of people I helped decide.

You can ask some questions.

If you are so good in making talismans ( amulets ) , why aren't you famous and who is that parapsychotherapeutist.

Answer is simple. You know her well, she was shown on TV many times. She says I can mention her, but the matter of fact is that I myself do not want to become famous. Why? I don't want to be advertised. People think various things, not everybody believes that one can manage own fate, they will tell I am fool (for me it is better to remain unknown, at least now).

If something worries you, write me. When I have some spare time, I will draw the characters for you, hoping they will help. Beware that they cannot become efficient immediately - there all depends on you. Besides that you have to believe as strong as you can.

One more important matter. You have to pay me for the characters I draw.

You may stop asking: why I have to pay you? You want to gain?


I will tell you why you are wrong. Let us descend into supernatural world (which is quite well-known to me, at least I think so).

Every person on Earth has his/her own wizard (wizard is an invisible entity, like angel mentioned in Bible, who is always with you, helping in fortune and in misfortune. For instance, you are looking for the job: you get up in the morning, dress, go to a bus station, wait for an hour for a bus, go to the place where is the firm you want to find job. There you go to human resources dept, wait for two hours for the manager, who, of course, says: there is no job. CONCLUSION: your wizard was sending you signals (you waited too long for the bus, much longer for the manager) meaning that you won't find the job. How could he know? He knows everything. This is his job. His task is to warn you, he gives you warnings throughout your life, all you have to do is to read his messages. His task is not just to warn you from accidents and misfortunes; he also has to manage your mental state (meaning you will never win a gold pot, if you become mercenary, envious, forget your friends; this is why wizard will prevent you from winning (never let you win much money).

Only people with strong mental state win the gold pots. After obtaining the cash they remain the same, without changing their mental state. My characters work the same. Since ancient times people pay for the services in various ways: by cash, food, things.

Why can't I draw the characters for free?

I have wizard - you have wizard. I draw character for you - my wizard helps me. You draw this character on your talisman ( amulet ), your wizard monitors you, observing order to be met, you have to pay to owner of the character (the world is based on the fact that everybody have to pay to each other) (this is not human, even not wizard's invention, this cannot be perceived as mentioned in the Bible).

Now let us consider our matters. My characters won't help you if:

1. You fail to transfer into my account (simply your wizard will prevent your wishes to come true is you for at least a moment feel as having cheated me)
2. You transfer too much money (old people say one cannot buy luck (transferring too much money you think this is too much)), wizard will feel your avidity
3. After receiving my drawing you will start thinking all the time: when the dream comes true. This is a mistake. You have to think about the dream and not about the time it comes true.

It will help if you seriously think through your wish (it can be any wish, most importantly it has to be important for you. Put your thoughts on a sheet, send to my e-mail (you find it on the bottom of this page), wait for the drawn character (be patient, it can take time. I am a busy person, character drawing takes some time, I receive many requests, but as soon as in a couple of weeks you will get my answer). After you get my character, draw it on some item you are wearing on your body. It shouldn't be seen well on the item; most important it has to be drawn by your own hand. After drawing it, slowly think about how you can pay me for my job. Then transfer money into my account (you find it on the bottom of this page).

And something more. I can send you the token of your luck. This is the token to be worn by everyone. If you want to receive it, write the letter as follows:

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